Despite being a small island, one of the key advantages of travelling to Sri Lanka is the ability to experience a wide variety of experiences in a short space of time. Sri Lanka is home to a richly diverse collection of fun, unique and pocket-friendly experiences that will interest anyone, thanks to its richly diverse cultural heritage and vastly diverse geography.

The easiest way to travel in Sri Lanka is by having your own private vehicle. You can fully utilize Sri Lanka's extensive road network to easily reach all major and remote areas of the island where accommodation and activities are based in.

You have the opportunity to book you own private vehicle with or without the services of a chauffeur. Our rent-a-vehicle services offers both self-drive rentals and chauffeur-driven services.

If you are interested in a self-drive rental, we will also assist you with obtaining the relevant licences to temporarily and legally drive in Sri Lanka. You can obtain GPS navigation systems and other related services to further enhance your experience.

Alternatively, you can use the services of an experienced tourist chauffeur-guide to help you experience the country in a more hassle-free and efficient manner. On top of all knowledge resources available to you, the expertise and guidance of your local chauffeur can truly help seal the memorable visit you are expecting.